Simulation Mode

Simulation Mode Overview

The API has a simulation mode, it uses hard coded data in responses, but tries to mimic some conditions.

e.g. it expects you to post a specific JSON payload or XML payload and responds 'as if' you sent it. But... it also checks if you sent valid json, or valid xml, and responds based on your headers e.g. returning XML if you ask for it.

The simulator is stateless and does not track your usage, making it deterministic for multiple users. Which means:

Try the verbs and payloads listed below as a way of making sure your tooling is setup and you understand the absolute basics about API usage and Testing.

GET https://CURRENTHOST/sim/entities (200)

GET https://CURRENTHOST/sim/entities/1 (200)

GET https://CURRENTHOST/sim/entities/404 (404)

POST https://CURRENTHOST/sim/entities (201)

{"name": "bob"}

POST https://CURRENTHOST/sim/entities/10 (200)

{"name": "eris"}

PUT https://CURRENTHOST/sim/entities/id (200)

{"name": "eris"}

DELETE https://CURRENTHOST/sim/entities/id (204)

Other things to try:

Simulation Mode Walkthrough - Insomnia

Simulation Mode Walkthrough - Postman